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How Does Open Carry Differ From Concealed Carry?

The License To Carry Handgun allows those who have a Concealed Handgun License the option of carrying their handgun concealed or openly. When carried openly, the handgun must be carried in a belt holster or a shoulder holster.

The same license that now allows the licensee to carry their handgun concealed will allow the licensee to carry their handgun in the open.

The License To Carry Handgun allows open carry or concealed carry.

Do you offer Firearms Transfer Service?

The Academy for Firearms Training is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer and can therefore assist you in transferring legally purchased firearms shipped by mail, for you to pick up at the Academy.

Complete information can be found here.

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need to bring the $139.00 class fee (we accept credit cards, cash, checks and money orders), and perhaps a writing tablet or paper, since many people like to take notes as we go along. You will also need your Texas driver’s license or ID. We will have coffee and a snack waiting for you when you arrive, and for lunch break there are several places nearby to eat, including a McDonalds.

How do register for a License To Carry Handgun Class?

View the schedule of classes, pick the date you would like to attend and click “License To Carry Handgun Training Class” for that date. You will be led through the registration process.

Click here to choose your date and register.

You will be automatically registered and you will receive an email confirmation.

How do I renew my License To Carry Handgun?

When your renewal is due, you must take an online test at the Texas DPS website. A score of 70% is required to pass this test. Our refresher class prepares you for this test.

If you cannot renew online yourself, do not have a computer, or simply need help, we can assist you in the renewal process using one of the Academy’s computers. We cannot answer the questions or take the test for you, but we can make a computer available and help you complete the online application and take the test. We charge $35.00 for this service.

Is everything included in the course?

Our no surprise policy means the class fee includes ammunition and use of a handgun if you do not yet own one.

Everything needed to qualify for your License To Carry Handgun, except fingerprints is included. This means all required forms, photographs, classroom instruction, notarization of forms, use of one of our handguns for qualification at our indoor range, ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection, instruction in the different types of weapons, holsters and ammunition, safe gun storage, and more. We even properly put all of the paperwork together for you, so that all you need to do is mail the packet with your check for the license fee to the Texas Department of Public Safety when you get home.

Are your instructors qualified to train me for my License To Carry Handgun?

All of our instructors are Texas Certified License To Carry Handgun Instructors, having successfully completed the requirements set forth by the State of Texas, Department of Public Safety. Our instructors will answer whatever questions you may have concerning concealed or open carry laws and any specific self defense questions of concern to you.

I don’t have a handgun, holster, ammunition, or anything else. Where can I go to buy what I need?

We can supply you with everything you need. Our store carries all types of guns, holsters, carry bags, fanny packs, ammunition, gun safes, gun cleaning kits, self-defense sprays, books and videos. We are truly a “one-stop-shop” for everything you need.

How do I get fingerprinted?

Under State law TXDPS must conduct a fingerprint based State and FBI Criminal History background check as part of the application process for both original and renewal applicants.

  • Fingerprint Option #1: New Students can go on line at and pay their respective license fee of $140/$70 and they will be directed how to get their appointment for fingerprints on line. The L1 fingerprint fee is $9.95*.
  • Fingerprint Option #2: New Students can wait until they finish their training pay to the $140/$70 respective license fee and will be directed in class how to get their appointment for fingerprints on line. The L1 fingerprint fee is $9.95*

*L1 is the State Contractor authorized by the State of Texas to do fingerprints electronically. Some police agencies have the ability to do the fingerprints electronically as well.

How many people have completed License To Carry Handgun training with the Academy for Firearms Training?

The Academy for Firearms Training has trained over 34,000 License To Carry Handgun (and CHL) applicants, right here at this location. Our instructors are License To Carry Handgun training experts, so you will receive the best no-nonsense training available.

How long is the License To Carry Handgun training course?

The classroom time is 4 hours long. Shooting qualification is at our private indoor range and may extend your training by up to 2 hours.

CHL refresher classes are conducted at the same times.

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